Saturday, March 23, 2013

Long Exposure Photos of the Week 3/17-3/23

LongExposureArt will begin posting the top 10 long exposure photos of the week every week. The photos will be linked to their original sources so the photographer gets full credit for their work. Just as they deserve.

10. Mind the Gap light painting at a Railroad crossing in the Midwest - Original Source

9. Canadian National Exhibit "Fun at the Fair" by Phil Marion

8. Tracer Firing at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton - Source

7. Space Invaders by Darius Twin

6. Long exposure of a Bottle Rocket by Reddit User bodhibodhibodhi

5. Northern Lights under a Railroad bridge in Hämeenlinna, Finland by Reddit User ADEmanFin

4. "San Diego" Light painting by Darius Twin

3. St. Petersburg, Russia by Ilya Shtrom

2. Night Time photo shoot by Reddit user angryD

1. The Redline Subway in Boston by ZeFinn